European workers

Do you have your SPL license and want to live your American dream?

Trans-West has hired more than 70 Europeans over time.

Required profile

  • You need 5 years of experience in SPL.
  • Have functional English.
  • Want to ride as a team (sleep while your teammate drives).
  • Good job stability.
  • You live in a country that has a reciprocal agreement with Quebec.

Pre-selection steps

  • Apply online, taking care to attach your Curriculum Vitae.
  • We will review your request.
  •  If your request is incomplete we will ask you for the missing documents.
  •  Once your application has been completed, if your application is accepted, we we will communicate with you by email.
  • You will have a questionnaire to complete so that we can continue the evaluation of your file. 
  •  If you are selected, you will have to pass an English exam               
  •  Following your acceptance, you will have to complete the mandatory documents for the application for a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) in addition to meeting the US medical requirements. (sleep apnea, diabetes and hearing test).

Possible work permit opportunities

  • Young Professional Permit (JEUNE PRO). 
  • Working Holiday Permit (PVT).
  • Closed Work Permit (PTT). 
  • Open Work Permit (PTO).

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We take into account your age, your experience and your family situation, in order to determine which permit is right for you.

Fees payable

The only costs to be paid by the worker are the request for (Certificate of Acceptance du Québec) CAQ, work permit, driver’s license and study manuals “Driving a heavy vehicle” and “Guide to the road”.

Trans West covers the cost of the worker’s application without going through a placement organization.

Driver’s license, SIN number, RAMQ

Driver’s license: With the reciprocity between your country and Quebec, you will not have not have to retake your class 5 license (passenger vehicle). However, you will need to before your arrival in Québec, obtain an appointment at the S.A.A.Q. in order to proceed to exchange (delays can be long). Once the exchange is done you will have to take another appointment for your theory test to obtain a learner’s permit Class 1 driver (Articulated heavy truck). Training by our staff qualified will be given to you in order to prepare you for the final exam giving you the right to drive an articulated truck equipped with air brakes in Canada and the USA. Class 1 (SPL).

Other Requirements:

SIN Number: (Social Insurance Number) We will accompany you to the office of service Canada to apply. Identity number for any worker at the Canada.

RAMQ: (Quebec Health Insurance Plan) According to your work permit, you are entitled to RAMQ services (health and hospitalization services) you at