Environmental Solutions

Transportation is essential to all Canadian economic activity, businesses here export to the United States and we import fresh fruits and vegetables to feed ourselves. However, it results in environmental impacts and the Trans-West Group is committed to doing its part to reduce its environmental footprint. A member of SmartWay (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), an American organization that promotes best energy-saving practices, the Trans-West Group has obtained from the latter the highest rating issued (1.25) in environmental matters.

This result is due in particular to the many initiatives of the Group and to significant investments in research. Thus, the Trans-West Group has innovated by equipping its trucks and trailers with the latest energy-saving elements. They are subject to multiple periodic adjustments with the aim of improving their fuel consumption. To this end, Trans-West uses several telemetry tools on board all its vehicles to ensure their best performance. The data thus collected then helps in the continuous training of its trucking personnel. The Trans-West trailers, which are temperature controlled by satellite, are all equipped with energy-saving skirts and aerodynamic mud flaps. Above all, drivers, through their responsible driving habits managed in real time, also allow maximum fuel savings. Everyone wins in addition to ensuring the safest driving.