Support for spouses

The spouse support program is aimed to couples where one of the partners has experience in transportation, and whose spouse wants to take transportation training. The program applies to drivers who work for Trans-West, or drivers who do not work for Trans-West, and in both cases, who wish to drive as a couple with us. It should be noted that the program applies to both men and women.

How it works?

If the driver is already employed by us, we meet the person who wants to follow his training. We assess whether the person meets the criteria for the job and whether our work, our values and our vision meet their own values and needs. If the applicant fits well at Trans-West, we will have an agreement.

If the driver is not our employ, we meet the couple and the two people must meet the criteria and fit well with us. In addition, the driver must take and pass a road test.

What is the deal?

To financially support drivers who decide to pursue a career with their spouse and drive as a couple, we are offering an amount of $5,000. The truck driver must be employed by us and the spouse must take training recognized by the CFTR or the CFTC to obtain a diploma in truck transportation. We do not make agreements with private lessons since they have shown us, over time, that graduates lack too many tools and practice.

For the duration of the 5-month training, the truck driver receives an amount of $2,500 distributed over his pay, or $500 per month. Then, the spouse receives an amount sum of $2,500 when she joins the team, completes her internship and obtains her vocational diploma (DEP). This allows Trans-West to help women truckers enter the trade.

“Since the ministry training is paid for by the state, our way of helping is to give the couple an amount of $5,000 to support them during these sometimes more difficult months, when the spouse is forced to leave her job to follow the courses” Pascal Gaudet, VP of truck management says. “It’s a very popular program because it’s a personal choice to go back to school full time, so there’s no financial support from unemployment. We set up this program to help couples realize their dream of sharing the road together, at home.”