Services Offered

Road transport

Trans-West Group exports all types of products—dry freight and refrigerated goods alike—to the United States and specializes in the importation of refrigerated food products. Our company has an outstanding reputation for rapid shipping, owing to its policy of ensuring cargo is delivered by a team of two long haul drivers. Border crossing is accelerated by our certifications as well as our preparation of all documentation for customs agents ahead of time. The risks of mechanical breakdowns are mitigated preventively through systematic maintenance of our fleet.

The transport of goods is overseen by conscientious, well-trained professional long haul drivers. Our drivers have a shared commitment to transforming the company values into a culture that is expressed in our daily activities. The temperature control of refrigerated products is constantly being monitored by means of a satellite system, which is installed on each trailer in our fleet.

The benefits of doing business with Trans-West


Trans-West Group was built on respect: a respect of our commitments to our clients and suppliers; a respect for our team; a respect for the environment.


Our Trans-West-Blue trucks meet the highest industry standards and undergo regular, systematic maintenance to ensure efficient and safe transport. In 2015, 90% of the fleet is composed of new equipment

Safety rating

We take pride in meeting and, moreover, surpassing industry safety standards, which is what makes us one of the country’s top road transport companies in our category. In 2014, Trans-West was named the third best security transporter in North America by the American Trucking Association.


We invest in researching and applying new technologies to reduce our fuel consumption and, thereby, contribute to a healthier environment. Since 2014, Trans-West is SmartWay certified by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency - USA)