Trans-West Group is continuously improving upon and streamlining its processes in order to provide clients with profitable solutions and impeccable service. Moreover, Trans-West Group is always on the watch for and regularly adopting new technologies to minimize fuel consumption and thereby contribute to a healthier environment.

Impeccable, cutting edge equipment

Trans-West Group owns a fleet of 650 equipments including refrigerated trailers equipped with isothermal controls that are operated via satellite. All of our trailers are compliant with the State of California’s stringent environmental regulations. Furthermore, they are washed inside and out after each trip, using state-of-the-art equipment. Our recently acquired fleet of “Blue Trans-West” trucks meets the highest industry standards and undergoes frequent, systematic maintenance to ensure the safe and efficient transport of merchandise.

Superior safety standards

At Trans-West Group, safety is a top priority in every aspect of our work: from the impeccable maintenance of our trucks, to the exemplary practices of our drivers. This has earned us the following certifications: CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism – USA), PIP (Partners in Protection – Canada), ACE (Electronic Truck Manifest – USA), FAST (Free and Secure Trade – USA), SmartWay (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – USA).

Respect at the heart of everything

Trans-West Group was built on respect: a respect of our commitments to our clients and suppliers; a respect for our team; a respect for the environment. The quality and reliability of Trans-West Group’s services are such that, year after year, our clients entrust us with the long-distance transport of their products.

Environmentally conscious solutions

The transport industry is essential to every economic activity in Canada. Our country’s businesses export to the United States, and we in turn import fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy year-round. However, there is an environmental cost to these activities, and Trans-West Group is determined to do its part to reduce its ecological footprint. As a member of SmartWay (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), an American organization that promotes best practices in energy efficiency, Trans-West Group obtained a rating of 1.25, the highest issued by this agency for environmental practices.

This rating is notably attributable to the numerous initiatives taken by the Group and its significant investment in research. Specifically, Trans-West Group has equipped its trucks and trailers with the latest energy saving devices. Our fleet undergoes various frequent adjustments to improve its fuel efficiency. To this end, Trans-West uses several onboard telemetry tools in all its vehicles to ensure a better performance of these. The data collected then helps to further its drivers training. Trans-West trailers, which are temperature-controlled by satellite, are all equipped with energy-saving skirts and aerodynamic mudguards. Above all, a maximum fuel savings is achieved through our long haul drivers, with their responsible driving practices that they manage in real time. It’s a scenario in which everyone wins, as these environmental measures are also the safest of driving methods.